GORE-TEX® Products


Many years shoes with GORE-TEX® provide high inner comfort in any weather and in any conditions. The main factors affecting this comfort is breathability and waterproofing.


These features provides a unique GORE-TEX® membrane. Microscopic pores in the membrane are impervious to rain and moisture from the outside, but remain open to the leakage of sweat and excess heat. Your feet are always dry and remain in comfortable stand.








GORE-TEX® membrane contains up to 1.4 billion micro pores per 1 cm2. This huge amount of micro pores provides extraordinary one-way transmission.





The high quality products with GORE-TEX® membrane is based on precision syetm of controlling from the prototype to the final product and you can be sure in any situation.


Not only the membrane but all of the parts on the boots and whole construction is aimed on high performance during using the boots. In each step of developing the product and also in final production, it is essential to check and test many times every technical process.



Testing of Impermeability

The boots with  GORE-TEX® membrane have to endure more than 300 000 flex-cycles (equivalent is 300 km of walking) when immersed to the ankles in water for 80 hours while the pedaling speed is around one bend shie for a second. The inside of the boots have to be clear without any sinfle drop of water.


Norm EN ISO 20344 requires testing the boots only 1000 cycles (80 minutes) and allows to penetrate inside 3 cm3 of water.



Testing of breathability

Breathability is important for keeping feet in good condition.


Compared to the standard EN ISO 20345/47, GORE-TEX® materials reached breathability to six times higher.



Testing of durability

Uppers lining and GORE-TEX® lining must withstand up to 4 times more of scratches as specified by the relevant standard EN ISO.


All components have to pass tests before using such as absorption capabilities and the ability to transmit water vapor.



Test material quality

Manufacture of footwear is process where we can use only the membrane which can impervious water under pressure of 1 bar at least 5 minutes. It can also be used only those components which vapor transmission ability is at least  5mg/cm2/hour. The minimum value is 6 times higher than the standards require.





Comfort in all conditions

The test of comfort measures the duplex throughput of the shoes. Test runs simulation of sweaty foo inside the shoes at specific temperatures. The final level is calculated on the degree of evaporation and absorption of water vapor.


Test site with  s priesakom vody

2% of the daily production (or min. 3 pairs of every hour) is randomly tested for possible soaking by filling shoe with water than placed into a centrifuge where are the shoes rotating in speed 240 rpm  half hour. The prototypes are tested more than hour. Water must not get out. This is the process when we are sure that the shoes are ok.

Made with in Slovakia

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