VIBRAM® soles

VIBRAM S.p.A. the world’s most famous company which helps to develop the first-class quality outsole for the strongest shoe manufacturing companies in the world.

History of the brand

History of the brand has started in 1934, when a man by name of VITALE BRAMANI for the first time replaced and ordinary leather outsole with a rubber „piece“. This „piece“ endured the ascent to K2 mountain with minimal abrasion in comparison to outsole made out of leather. The picture below shows the design of the very first outsole.


He had this system patented and brought a very first tread-type outsole, he named this well-known design “Carramato”:

Since year 1945, when the manufacturing started in Italian town of Albizzate, VIBRAM has been progressively developing several mixtures for the footwear to be used in variety of conditions, for instance mixture for track footwear, work footwear or footwear for free-time.

Podošva Vibram

Vibram nowadays

Currently, the company places particular importance on the products in the field of work footwear, in which outsole must withstand in challenging test for anti-slippery properties, resistance against oils and fuels or it must meet the requirement of low degree of abrasion. Extreme mixtures ensures that the outsole does not changes its shape when it comes in to contact with high temperatures or so it does not crack in extreme cold.

Podošva Vibram

These types of mixtures are combined with endless numbers of tread designs of outsoles. The tread design is not just a random thing and put there only for esthetical reasons. Whether it is an outsole for a track footwear or for work footwear, the design of shoe’s tread must meet several criteria. The sketch depicts an example of the logical placement of protuberances (see numbers in the picture) and their functions (color marking in the picture). They together create the design as a whole:


The design created by VIBRAM company is protected by patent and copyright





Popis podrážky Vibram

Specification of functional parts:


  1. Wide contact areas for grip on rocky surface
  2. Placement in lines for a natural bend and flexibility
  3. Removed parts in the instep area help to cope with uneven ground
  4. The overall tread has a medium depth in order to be maximally functional on variety of surfaces.


  • Green
    maximum adhesion on a smooth surface
  • Red
    provides for good traction forward at the start of running, and also during walking in soft terrain
  • Orange
    braking, helps with descent in soft or tough terrain
  • Purple
    the shape and placement of these lugs help with the overall stability
  • Orange arrows
    shows "open" tread which enhances self-cleaning effect. This means that the dirt no longer cumulates in the tread and it easily falls out during walking.

Made with in Slovakia

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